Welcome Message..

From time immemorial the HEART is considered as the seat of Life and Love. While Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute wishes you personal wellbeing, we believe that in case you are admitted to Ibrahim Cardiac, you will discover that it takes care of you with both love and empathy. IBRAHIM CARDIAC HOSPITAL provides the entire spectrum of heart care from prevention and wellness to emergency care, diagnostic testing, heart surgery and rehabilitation.

The features we offer are

  • Modern Facilities where highest standard of hygiene and aseptic condition is maintained.
  • Team of highly professional, competent, caring and responsive Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons and Nursing staff trained abroad in modern cardiac care.
  • TOTAL ATTENTION of our doctors 24 hours a day as they do NOT have a private practice.
  • TOTAL CARE from emergency call until discharge and transport home.
  • Competitive tariff structure, which is significantly less than overseas treatment and some local hospitals.