Background History

Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute was started to fill the gap in cardiac care in Bangladesh. The objective was to provide International Standard Cardiac Care in the country at affordable cost. This has been set up with significant Government support and complements the Government’s objective of making expensive health care affordable to under privileged people of Bangladesh.

At the initial stage it was conceived as an extension of the Cardiac Outdoor facility of BIRDEM Hospital but thereafter it was agreed that the project will best achieve its objectives as a stand alone specialized cardiac hospital supported by the multidisciplinary hospital of BIRDEM for treatment of cardiac patients concurrently suffering from other medical conditions. This organization started in 2001 as “DAB Cardiac Center”. At that stage it was managed by a joint venture Swedish Company (Swed-Bangla).

In 6th June 2003 it renamed as “Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research institute” and came under current Management. This has been set up with significant Government Support. Ibrahim Cardiac has achieved very impressive growth in patients flow both for diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions.