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What are the services do you provide?
Services &  Facilities
Does Ibrahim Cardiac has any branch?
No, currently Ibrahim Cardiac does not has any branch.
Who is the owner of Ibrahim Cardiac?
Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital is an enterprise of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh.
What kind of hospital is Ibrahim Cardiac?
Ibrahim Cardiac is a mono disciplinary specialized hospital. At present it provides Cardiac treatment only.
Why should i need to do the Registration?
In order to record your basic information like Name, Address, Contact numbers, Age, Blood group, etc Registration is required. These information are used during your treatment.  
Will i have to do the Registration every time I visit Ibrahim Cardiac?
No, Registration is a one time process. ID number given during registration would be used for next visits. Please inform your ID number at front desk.
What is the procedure of Registration?
At reception you have to filled the Pre-Registration "Information Form" and made necessary payment to complete the registration process.
How much does it cost for Registration?
Tk 300 (Three Hundred Taka) Only.
What is the procedure of Admission?
Patients are admitted in two ways,
■ General Admission: After OPD Consultation, Consultant advises the Patient to take admission. 
■ Emergency Admission: After patient arrives at Cardiac Emergency section and investigates by Physician and suggests for admission.
For both types of admission following terms are applicable
- One stop Admission services are provided at Help Desk (ground Floor) and Information Desk (3rd Floor). Patient can visit any of these counters and fill up necessary forms and make payment required for admission.
- Doctor/ Nurse/ Attendant would guide the Patient to admitted location and complete the admission process. All the formalities    Admission related documents, Patient ID Card (For new Patient)
What should I bring with me at the time of Admission?
Who are the OPD Consultants?
See OPD Consultant List
How to get an Appointment?
Contact with Front Desk physically or over phone.
Contact no: 9671141-43, 9671145-47 (Ext: 0, 206, 207). Hotline: 01714 006706 , 10677
What should I do to reschedule/ cancel the Appointment?
You have to inform at Front Desk 2 hours prior the scheduled time . For rescheduling the appointment Front Desk officer will let you know the available time slots.    
Is there Online Appointment facility?
We are going to introduce this facilities very soon.
How much will I have to deposit at the time of Admission?
What are the ways I can Pay?
We allow Cash, Pay Order, Credit Card, Life Insurance (Alico, Pragati, HiSpeed) 
Will I have to buy any Medicine from Outside?
You don't have to buy medicine from outside for inpatients. We also have outdoor pharmacy.
Do you sell Medicine to Out side Patients?
Currently we are not providing this service.
I take some regular medicine for other disease? Will you provide those medicine?
What are the types of Ambulance do you have?
Currently we are offering three types of Ambulance services.
■ Cardiac Ambulance
■ Dead Body Carrying Ambulance
■ General Ambulance
How much area do you cover in this service?
Whole Bangladesh
How much does it cost to rent an Ambulance?
Ambulance Charge
What are the available facilities inside Cardiac Ambulance?
Our Cardiac Ambulances are equipped with equipments which are used in CCU like Ventilator, Defibrillator, Suction Machine, Cardiac Monitor, Oxygen system with sufficient cylinders and accessories, Pulse Oxymeter, Syringe Pump, etc. That why our Cardiac Ambulances can be treated as "CCU on Wheel".
What is the procedure to become a Member of Cardiac Ambulance?
You can be a Member for a year or life time. You have to fill up a Membership form and made necessary payment to become a member.
Which facilities I would get becoming a Member?
■ Free Registration
■ Priority for other hospital services
■ Medical records will be stored
■ Free CPR and other necessary training to family members
■ Road Map of Member's home, office and common places s/he travels will be recorded
■ Regular diet advice
■ Special discount (decided by Board of Management, Ibrahim cardiac)
What should I do to rent an Ambulance?
To rent an Ambulance/ inquiry call at 9671141-43, 9671145-47 (Ext: 0, 206, 207), HOTLINE: 01713 003004
Is there any facility to receive the Cardiac Barta by post?
No, We haven't introduce this service yet. 
I would like to write in Cardiac Barta? How should I send the article?
Send your article (Hard or soft copy format) with relevant photos 
Do you provide any honorarium to the writer?
What is your mortality rate?
Is there any internee facility at Ibrahim Cardiac?
Which tests are done at your Laboratory?
See laboratory Services
How long do you take to provide the result?
There are three time slots. State (30 minutes), Urgent (60 minutes), Routine (120 minutes). Most of tests have state option.
What you do for the tests which are not available at your Laboratory?
It is a great facility for us that we are in the same compound of BIRDEM Hospital. As a multidisciplinary hospital- BIRDEM is capable of doing numerous number of tests.
Can I purchase blood from your blood bank?
Do you take blood from professional donor?
No we do not take blood from professional donors.
What facilities you offer to the Donor?
Who are the Cardiac Surgeons?
How much does it cost for a surgery?
What are the Visiting Hours?
How many visitors are allowed to visit a Patient at a time?
Do you allow visitors to stay with Patient at night?
How many visitors can stay with a Patient?
Do you have any Accommodation facility for the Visitors?
Can visitors stay with the Patient at Cabin?
Do any special Card is required to visit the Patient?
Do you have any VIP Cabin?
What are the available facilities in a Cabin?
What types of Cabin do you have?
Single Cabin, Shared Cabin, Panaromic Cabin, VIP Cabin
Can I hire a Private Nurse?
Do you allow outside food?