Ibrahim Cardiac

Radiology & Imaging  
 VCT Scan
  X-Ray Services
 Coronary Angiogram  Chest P/A
 Cerebral Angiogram  Cervical Spine
 Carotid Angiogram (Neck Vessels)  Portable X-Ray
 Pulmonary Angiogram  Skull A-P
 Aortic Angiogram   Skull Lateral View
 Hepatic Angiogram
  Skull Both View
 Renal Angiogram   Cervical Spine A-P
 Pelvic Angiogram   Cervical Spine Lateral View
 Lower Limb Angiogra   PNS OM View
 Upper Limb Angiogram  Cervical Spine Rt. Oblique View
 Brain   Cervical Spine Lt. Oblique View
 Sella Turcica
  Cervical Spineboth Oblique View
 Chest  Whole Abdomen
 Whole Abdomen
  Upper Abdomen
 Upper Abdomen
  Lower Abdomen
 Lower Abdomen  KUB with prostate
 IVU  Pregnancy Profile
 IVU with Renal Angiogram
  Guided Procedure
 Thoracic/ Abdominal Aorta
 HRCT Chest