■ The aim of IBRAHIM CARDIAC is to play a leading role in the fight against Heart Diseases in Bangladesh by promoting the highest attainable level of cardiac care thus gaining recognition both nationally & internationally.

■ Provide total health care including rehabilitation for all diabetics of gender, economic and social status through different institutions of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh.

■ Create specialized quality manpower (Physicians, Technicians, Nurses & Other related personal) of high ethical standard.



■ In Bangladesh no diabetic patient shall die untreated, unemployed or unfed.

■ To be recognized as a leading provider of cardiac care in the Asia Pacific region by continually meeting the needs of our customers



■ We are committed to attract and retain excellent people, and providing an open and participative working environment, marked by equal opportunities and personal growth.

■ We treat our colleagues with dignity and respect and have shared responsibility with them for continuously improving the services of the hospital.

■ We are committed to deal with our supplier and other business partners fairly and equitably, recognizing our mutual interests.  

■ We are committed to conduct all our dealings with utmost integrity, adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct.



■ Supporting the development of an integrated response to out-of-hospital emergencies by promoting training in cardiac life support for general public, together with developing Cardiac Ambulance service.

■ Providing support and rehabilitation facilities for heart patients and their families.



■ Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital is committed to satisfy people by providing Preventive, Curative, Promotive, and Rehabilitative services in cardiac diseases at affordable cost.

■ It is also our aim to establish facilities for specialized medical services like Neurosurgery, Vascular, Thoracic, and Organ Transplantation for people of the country.

■ It is our object to maintain and continually improve quality of Services, Activities, Processes, Procedures, Practices, and Human Resources.