Ibrahim Cardiac
Ambulance Services
Currently Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital is offering three types of Ambulance services
■ Cardiac Ambulance
■ Dead Body Carrying Ambulance
■ General Ambulance
Cardiac Ambulance
Heart attack is an unfortunate happen. We cannot say when, where or how it may happen. Heart attack or heart failure or cardiac arrest may occur in any place like home, office, meeting or even on road. The first hour after cardiac arrest or heart attack is called 'Golden Hour'. During this period if the Patient gets proper treatment, the possibility to cure is higher. Aim of our Cardiac Ambulance service is to utilize this golden hour. Ibrahim Cardiac is first to inaugurate such service in Bangladesh. 
Our Cardiac Ambulances are fully equipped to provide advance cardiac treatment for the patients like CCU in hospital. That is why our cardiac ambulances are called CCU on wheel. We have dedicated team for Cardiac Ambulance including Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Driver and Cardiac Ambulance Coordinator. All the members of the team are trained in primary treatment and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
Service Area
Whole Country
Membership facility is available for Cardiac Ambulance. You can be a member for a year or life time. You have to fill up a membership form and pay necessary amount to become a member.
Benefits for the members
- Free Registration
- Member will get priority for other hospital services
- Medical records will be stored
- Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation(CPR) and other necessary training to family members
- Road map of Member's home, office and common places s/he travels will be recorded 
- Regular Diet Advice
Strategic Plan
Our plan is to put Cardiac Ambulances in different locations. Whenever a Patient calls for support, the Ambulance nearest to him/her will provide the service. We have selected following locations for first phase,
■ Motijheel
■ Dhanmondi
■ Sutrapur
■ Mohammadpur
■ Gulshan
■ Mirpur
■ Uttara
All the Ambulances would have communication facilities with the Hospital so that senior doctors could advice if necessary. 
For ambulance service/inquiry please contact
Phone: 9671141-43, 9671145-47 (Ext: 0, 206, 207)
HOTLINE: 01713 003004
CASE SUMMARY would be required for transporting Patient from other Hospital.
Cardiac Ambulance
Membership - Life time 10,000 
Only Dhaka City, plus 2,000/trip
- Yearly 3,000 
Ambulance Service (Other than members) 3,500 
Per Call excluding doctor, Up to 10 km radius
Kilometer Charge: Over 10 km 75  
Per km
Presence of Doctor - Inside Dhaka 1,000 
Per call
- Outside Dhaka 2,000 
Waiting Charge 500 
Per Hour, Apply after 1/2 an hour of reaching at spot
1. If Patient rent the Ambulance to visit Ibrahim Cardiac s/he might get 10% discount on total bill.
2. Patient will bear the toll charges of bridge & Ferry.
3. For advance booking, 25% of the charge will have to pay at booking time and rest of the amount before journey.
4. If the Patient cancel the journey after booking, 15% of the booking money would be deducted as service charge.
General / Dead body carrying Ambulance
Dhaka City
Ambulance Service  - 6 km Radius 800 
- 8 km Radius 1,100 
- 15 km Radius 1,700 
Out side Dhaka City
- Ambulance Service 800 
Per Call
- Kilometer charge: District where CNG is available 16  
Per Km, after first 5km
- Kilometer charge: District where CNG is not available 18  
- Waiting Charge
Per Hour, Apply after 1/2 an hour of reaching at spot
- Oxygen Support (General Ambulance) 200 
Per Hour, first hour free
Patient will bear the toll charges of bridge & Ferry.