Ibrahim Cardiac
Dr. SMG Saklayen
Head of the Department
Vascular Surgery
■ MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery).
■ Master of Surgery (Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery).
■ Worked in Vascular Care Centre from 2007 to 2017
■ Worked in Cardiovascular Surgery in BSMMU (PG Hospital) from 2006 to 2015
■Worked in Vascular Surgery in BSMMU (PG Hospital) from 20016 to 2017-09-04
■Trained in Endovascular and Laser surgery in Delhi, India
■ Trained in Fistula for haemodialysis in NUH, Singapore
■ First to introduced Laser assisted varicose vein surgery together with Dr. GM Mokbul Hossain in Bangladesh
■ First to do Brachio-basilic Translocation fistula using great saphenous vein from leg in Bangladesh
■ Published 8 articles of on vascular surgery in several renowned cardiovascular journals
■ Attend as delegate and speaker in several national and international seminars on vascular surgery
■ Author of 3 books:
a. Jana Rog Ojana Kotha
b. Roktonalir Rog-Karon o protikar (Editor)
c. Prosno-uttore Roktonalir Rog
■ Working as President, Social Awareness for Vascular Emergency (SAVE)
■ Working as Joint Secretary, Bangladesh Society of Vascular Surgeons
Articles in Journals Total 10 articles on Cardiac and Vascular Surgery published in different national and international Journals.
■ Conference of Association of Vascular Surgeon of Asia held in Singapore and Malaysia.
■ Asia Pacific Vascular Vascular Intervention Conference VIII held in India.
■ Association of Thoracic, Cardiovascular Surgeon of Asia and Pacific, Bangladesh.
■ International Conference on Cardiovascular Diseases, NHF, Bangladesh.
■ First to start Laser assisted varicose vein surgery together with Dr. GM Mokbul Hossain in Bangladesh.
■ First to perform open varicose vein operation under Local anaesthesia in Bangladesh.
■ First to perfom Brachiobasilic translocated fistula using great saphenous vein from leg. similar operation in the world is yet to confirm
■ Organized successfully ‘Advanced Vascular Surgery Syposium’ and ‘Advanced international Vascular Syposium’ together with IJN, Malaysia.
■ Organized Successfully a workshop on Emergency Vascular Surgery.