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28 February, 1956
(Establishment day of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh)

The Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS) was established on 28 February 1956 in Dhaka at the initiative of  Late National Professor Dr.M. Ibrahim and a group of social welfare workers, philanthropist, physicians and civil servants. The Association started an outpatient clinic in 1957 in a small semi-permanent structure of about 380 sq.ft. at Segunbagicha, Dhaka. Over the years, the clinic has turned into a diabetes care and research complex having more than 230,000 sq.ft. at Shahbag, Dhaka, which, after the demise of Prof. M. Ibrahim in 1989, has been renamed as the Ibrahim Memorial Diabetes Centre.
BADAS has declared this day as "Diabetic Awareness day" and as an enterprise of BADAS, Ibrahim cardiac arranges Free Heart Camp every year, where free registration and consultation are provided to all visited Patients. Special discounts are also offered in various services.
06 September, 1989
(Death Anniversary of Late National Prof. Dr. Md. Ibrahim)

Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS) observes the day by arranging discussion meeting, free diabetes screening in different places in the capital to mark the day. Diabetic Associations in all the districts also observe the day through various program.
As a part of that Ibrahim Cardiac arranges Free Heart Camp every year to provide free consultation and discounts on different services.  
01 December, 2004
(Introduce Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) Software)

Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital introduced Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) Software on 01 December, 2004. In order to make the working process faster and accurate, more than 14 modules including Diagnostic Laboratory, Billing, Admission, Pharmacy are currently in operation.
01 June, 2005
(Cardiac Emergency)

Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital has one of the most modern Cardiac Emergency in Bangladesh inaugurated on 1st June, 2005 by Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid, former Minister, Ministry of Health, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh in the presence of many other respectable persons.  
Cardiac Emergency is well equipped with modern cardiac facilities. Highly skilled and trained Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics provide 24/7 service. 
03 June, 2007
(Inaugural Ceremony of Cardiac Ambulance)

Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital introduced such service in Bangladesh. Ambulances equipped with instruments used in CCU are in our ambulance panel. 
Geeteara Safiya Chowdhuty, Honorable Adviser, Ministry of Social Welfare, Women & Children Affairs, Textile & Jute and Industries, former Caretaker Govt. of Bangladesh inaugurated this service on 03 June 2007 in the presence of Prof. A. K. Azad Khan, President BADAS, Md. Sayef Uddin, Secretary General BADAS, Prpf. Dr. M. A. Rashid, CEO & Senior Consultant Ibrahim Cardiac, Md. Mashequr Rahman Khan, GM (HR & Admin) and many other respective persons were present in the ceremony. 
30 June 2007
(Training recognition by BCPS)

After a thorough inspection by a team of high profile consultants of Bangladesh College of Physicians & Surgeons (BCPS), Ibrahim cardiac Hospital received the training recognition against Department of Cardiology for imparting training to the resident doctors on 30 June, 2007.
Currently One year training in the Cardiology department would be accepted for appearing in fellowship examination.
01 July, 2007 (Cardiac Barta)

Besides providing treatment and consultation to the Patients we also believe that it is our duty to build up awareness in the society and increase the knowledge among the people about Heart disease, prevention, and treatment.
In this continuous process Ibrahim Cardiac has introduced a quarterly publication named as "Cardiac Barta". Topics on different diseases are published in this magazine.
23 July, 2007 (Inauguration of Blood bank)

Ibrahim Cardiac Blood bank was inaugurated by Prof. A. K. Azad Khan, President BADAS on 23 July, 2007. CEO, Senior Consultants and other stuff of Ibrahim cardiac were present in the ceremony.
08 August, 2007
(Advance Nursing Training Program)

Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital introduces Advance Nursing Training Program on 08th August, 2007.
Objective of this course are
(1) To develop trained manpower in the field of cardiac nursing
(2) To achieve advance knowledge and skills among the nursing staff
(3) To provide modern nursing services to the cardiac Patient
(4) To develop better attitude and introduce modern techniques of handling the cardiac Patient
14 August, 2007
(Introduce Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic Service)

Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic started on 14th August, 2007. This clinic takes care of Patients after heart surgery and gives special care for other ailments specially heart failure. Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic gives advice regarding diet, exercise, physical endurance, and gradual rehabilitation to normal working life.
17 December, 2007
(US-Bangladesh Advance Coronary & Peripheral Intervention Conference)

Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital arranged US-Bangladesh Advance Coronary & Peripheral Intervention Conference on 17th December at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel. Renowned national and international Cardiologist participated in the conference. On 18th and 19th December participated cardiologists successfully done some procedures.   
17 December, 2007
(Imdad H Khan Vascular Research Center)

Imdad H Khan Vascular Research Center was inaugurated at Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital on 17th December, 2007. It was jointly inaugurated by Mrs. Sitara Khan of "Imdad Khan Memorial Trust and Khan Family Foundation"and Prof. A. K. Azad Khan the president of BADAS.
The main idea and philosophy of Imdad H Khan Vascular Research Center was to develop a world class institution for diagnosis & management of different Vascular disease, Carotid & Cerebral Vascular disease, Interventional & Surgical management of Fistulas, Aneurysms, Vascular Tumors, Arterial Venus malfunctions etc. Since Diabetic Patients in many cases suffer from vascular diseases, it would be very much pertinent to develop an advance vascular center at the premises of BIRDEM Hospital. This center would also train requisite manpower at home & abroad and thus can serve all Patients of this neglected sub specialty.
27 March, 2008
(Narcotics Drug License)

On 27 March, 2008 Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital got license for Narcotic Drug.
29 April, 2008
(Inauguration of Library)

In order to increase the facilities of research and education Ibrahim Cardiac Library was inaugurated on 29 April, 2008 by Prof. Dr. Mahmud Hasan, former Chairman, Board of Management, Ibrahim Cardiac.
03 May, 2008
(Introduce Electrophysiology (EP) Study & RFA service)

EPS is done to detect rhythm disturbance of the heart and RF Study is done for abnormal pathway / focus. Ibrahim Cardiac introduced this service on 3rd May, 2008. 
12 July, 2008
(Introduce Pace Maker Clinic Service)

Pacemaker Clinic started on 12th July, 2008. This clinic gives follow-up care to Patients who already have implanted pacemaker in our hospital. Pacemakers are checked regularly and if any abnormal function detects by PSA is taken care of.
12 July, 2008
(Introduce Anticoagulation Clinic Service)

Anticoagulation Clinic started on 12th July, 2008. Some Patients had to take anticoagulation (medicine that prevents blood clotting) i.e. warfarin, these Patients are prosthetic heart valve surgery Patients, dilated cardiomyopathy Patients & Patients with atrial fibrillation; they need to take warfarin daily & keep their INR within a limited range. Their follow-up is given in this clinic.
12 July, 2008
(Introduce Hypertension Clinic Service)

Hypertension Clinic service started on 12th July, 2008. All types of problems arising from high blood pressure are treated in Hypertension Clinic. Hypertension Clinic. Hypertension diagnosed for the first time in life, previously diagnosed patients whose blood pressure is not being controlled with multiple drugs, Hypertension of pregnant ladies & lifestyle modification of hypertensive patients - all these are counseled in this clinic. 
01 December, 2008
(New look of official Web Site)

Ibrahim Cardiac launched the modified version of its official web site on 01 December, 2008
03 December, 2008
(Inauguration of Cafeteria)

On 03 December, 2008 Ibrahim Cardiac Cafeteria was inaugurated by Prof. Wahiduddin Ahmad, Ombudsman, BADAS. 
01 January, 2009
(Introduce Arrhythmia Clinic)

Arrhythmia Clinic started on 1st January, 2009. Arrhythmia clinic detects and treats Patients with different arrhythmia, irregular heart beats palpitation, syncope or loss of consciousness, etc. Arrhythmia specialists look after Patients and guide them regarding their management.
09 January, 2009
(Kemon Achen - 2009)

On 09 January, 2009 Ibrahim Cardiac in association with Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd organized a reunion program named as "Kemon Achen" of the Patients who underwent Open Heart Surgery in 2008.
Barrister Rafique-ul-Huq was the Chief Guest of the program. A scientific seminar was arranged after the inaugural session for exchange of views between Physicians and Patients. Free treatment and medicine were given to the Patients at the program. 
02 March, 2009
(Blood Bank License)

Ibrahim Cardiac Blood Bank has obtained a 03 years license up to 02 March, 2012 from Ministry of Health for its operation. Ibrahim Cardiac Blood Bank has the permission to do the following procedure, 
■ Blood Collection
■ Blood Processing
■ Blood Screening 
■ Blood Component Preparation & Separation 
■ Blood Storage 
■ Sell and distribute Blood or Blood Component 
21 March, 2009 (Inauguration of Amena Rahman CCU)

The inaugural function of Amena Rahman CCU (CCU Ward of 10 Beds) was held on 21 March 2009. Late Mrs. Amena Rahman is the mother-in-law of Barrister Rafique-ul-Huq and wife of Late Habibur Rahman who was the owner of Paramount Press.
Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Barrister Shafique Ahmed attended the function as the Chief Guest with Ibrahim Cardiac Board of Management Chairman Prof. Mahmud Hasan in the Chair. Ombudsman of BADAS: Prof. Wahiduddin Ahmad, President: Prof. A. K. Azad Khan, Secretary General: Md. Sayef Uddin, Chief Executive Officer of Ibrahim Cardiac: Prof. Dr. M. A. Rashid, former Chief Justice and Chief Adviser of the former Caretaker Government: Justice Latifur Rahman, National Professor M. R. Khan, Director of Channel-I: Md. Shaikh Siraj, Chairman of theBoard of Management of BIRDEM: Prof. Hajera Mahtab, Managing Director of Incepta Pharmaceuticals: Md. Abdul Muktadir, Executive Director of Addin Foundation Dr. Mohiuddin Ahmed, Mrs. Amena Rahman herself, and many other honorable guests were present in the function.
Barrister Rafique-ul-Huq donated 01 Crore taka for the establishment of this CCU.
10 June, 2009 (Inauguration of Patient ID Card)

In order to improve the service time as well as ensure better security, Ibrahim Cardiac introduced Patient ID Card which is a Plastic Card containing Patient's basic information and a Bar Code. Using this Card necessary information about the patient could be obtain from different service point easily and faster than previous. 
06 August, 2009
(Introduce Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) service)

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is an optical signal acquisition and processing method. It captures micrometer-resolution, three dimensional images from within optical scattering media (e.g. biological tissue) with resolution of 10-50 micron. This instrument 1st used in invasive cardiology in the year of 1991 in USA. Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital installed this instrument on 6th August, 2009 which is the first instrument among South Asian countries. This instrument is used in Cardiac Cathlab for accurate measurement of coronary artery blockage, study of plaque morphology and also after stenting to see the stent apposition with the vessel.  
06 October, 2009 (Corporate Agreement between Ibrahim Cardiac and Grameenphone)

Corporate Signing Ceremony between Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital and Grameenphone ltd was held on 06 October, 2009 at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, Dhaka. 
Md. Sayef Uddin, Secretary General, BADAS; Prof. Dr. M. A. Rashid, CEO & Senior Consultant, Cardiology, Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital; Bishwajit Mazumder, Director, Finance & Accounts, BADAS; Md. Mashequr Rahman Khan, GM (HR & Admin), Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital; Md. Ahsanul Kabir, Secretary, BADAS; Ishtiaq Hussen Chowdhury, Head of Direct Sales, Grameenphone ltd, Saad M Faizul Karim, Manager, Direct Sales, Grameenphone ltd; Imtiaz Mehdi, Accounts Manager, Grameenphone ltd; Ms. Tarannum Khan Majles, Zone Manager, Grameenphone were present in the ceremony.
21 November, 2009
(Introduce Help Desk Service)

In order to provide one stop service from the ground floor Help Desk service was introduced on 21st November, 2009. 
08 January, 2010
(Kemon Achen - 2010)

Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital on January 08, 2010 organized a reunion of the Patients who received treatment at the Hospital. The Patients who underwent Open heart surgery, Stenting and Valvoplasty and who have been fitted with Pacemakers were the participants of the program.
Syed Modasser Ali, the Health Adviser to the Prime Minister and Abdul Mannan Khan, State Minister for Housing and Public Works were present as Special Guest at the program held on the premises of Incepta Pharmaceuticals ltd at Tejgaon.
Syed Modasser Ali, the health adviser to the Prime minister and Abdul Mannan Khan, state minister for housing and public works were present as Special Guest at the program held on the premises of Incepta Pharmaceuticals ltd at Tejgaon.
A scientific seminar was arranged after the inaugural session for exchange of views between Physicians and Patients. Professor KMHS Sirajul Haque, Chairman and Professor of cardiology, BSMMU was the Cairperson and Dr. Farooque Ahmed, Prefessor and Chief cardiac surgeon, National Heart Foundation & Research Institute was the Co-Chairperson of the scientific seminar. Free treatment and medicines were given to the Patients at the program.
Chairman of Ibrahim Cardiac Board of Managemnt: Mahmudur Rahman; Chief executive officer of Ibrahim cardiac: Professor Dr. M. A. Rashid, President of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh: Professor A. K. Azad Khan, Vic-President of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh: Barrister Rafiue-ul-Huq, Managing Director of Incepta Pharmaceuticals: Abdul Muktadir were present among others in the program. 
19 January, 2010
(GE Digital Flat Panel Catheterization Laboratory)

21 January, 2010 (Corporate Agreement between Ibrahim Cardiac & BAIRA)

Corporate agreement between Ibrahim Cardiac and Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA)  
01 April, 2010 (Electronic Attendance System)

In order to computerize the Attendance and Payroll system of employees Ibrahim Cardiac introduced Electronic Attendance System on 01 April, 2010


(2nd General Ward)

February 26, 2015 (Free Heart Camp on 28th February 2015)

On the 59th anniversary of establishment of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh, Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute is going to arranged Free Heart Camp on 28th February 2015. ICHRI is providing free consultancy and discount on some diagnostics and other procedures in this camp.

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February 28, 2015 (ডায়াবেটিস সচেতনতা দিবস)
ইব্রাহিম কার্ডিয়াক হসপিটাল এবং রিসার্চ ইনস্টিউট এর পক্ষ থেকে বাংলাদেশ ডায়াবেটিক সমিতি এর ৫৯ তম প্রতিষ্ঠা বার্ষিকী এবং ডায়াবেটিস সচেতনতা দিবস উপলক্ষে বেলুন উড্ডয়ন এবং ফ্রি হার্ট ক্যাম্প এর শুভ উদ্ভোধন ।

April 2, 2015 (The global tsunami of cardiovascular disease- and how Bangladesh is directly in its path)

ICHRI has organized a CME on "The global tsunami of cardiovascular disease- and how Bangladesh is directly in its path". Dr. Mr Justin Zaman, Consultant Cardiology, James Paget University Hospital in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK & Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of East Angila, Norwich, UK has presented the session and Prof. Dr. M A Rashid, Chief Executive Officer & Professor of Cardiology, ICHRI has chaired this session.

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April 12, 2015 (বাংলা নববর্ষ ১৪২২)
বাংলা নববর্ষ ১৪২২ এ ইব্রাহিম কার্ডিয়াক হসপিটাল এবং রিসার্চ ইন্সটিটিউট এর পক্ষ থেকে সবাই কে আন্তরিক শুভেচ্ছা।

May 18, 2015 (World Hypertension Day 2015)

ICHRI has arranged an open seminar on the occasion of World Hypertension Day 2015.This program was chaired by Prof. Dr. M A Rashid, Chief Executive Officer, ICHRI

May 23, 2015 (Written test result for the admission "Diploma in Cardiac Nursing" Session 2015-2016)

May 25, 2015 (Final result for the admission of "Diploma in Cardiac Nursing" Session 2015-2016)

June 1, 2015 (We accept DBBL Mobile Banking)

June 1, 2015 (We accept VISA, Mastercard, bKash & DBBL Mobile Banking)

July 2, 2015 (MoU signing Ceremony between Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute and Kuwait Joint Relief Committee (KJRC ) )

August 25, 2015 (26th Death Anniversary of National Professor Dr. Md. Ibrahim)
On 26th Death Anniversary of National Professor Dr. Md. Ibrahim, Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute is going to arrange day long FREE HEART CAMP on 6th September 2015.

2015. ICHRI is providing free consultancy and discount on some diagnostics and other procedures in this camp

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